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Frequently Asked Questions

When you become a My Survey member, you are part of a large international community. Some of our members requested additional information about MySurvey panel. If you want to learn more about MySurvey as well, some questions might have already been answered.

My Registration

What is the MySurvey Research Panel?

A Research Panel is a collection of people who have agreed to be contacted for future market research studies. They share their thoughts and opinions on products, services and a wide range of other topics in exchange for valuable reward points and prizes. Membership of the MySurvey Research Panel is open to Malaysia residents aged 15 and over who have an email address.

Will being a member cost me anything?

No, there is no membership fee. In fact, we offer valuable rewards for your participation! You will never be asked to buy anything as a result of your membership. All we ask is that you share your opinions.

Can other members of my household become MySurvey members?

Yes. As long as they are Malaysia residents aged 15 and over who have an email address, they can register to be MySurvey member.

How much time will this take?

You have full control of how much time you wish to spend. Invitations to participate in new and interesting surveys will be sent regularly to your email address. Participation in each survey is completely voluntary and the survey length varies from 5-30 minutes. In general, the longer or more difficult the survey, the more points you receive!

Can I join MySurvey if I live outside of Malaysia?

We enjoy and most appreciate to sharing your experience and opinions with us. Please kindly check out our International Website.

My Profile

Why does MySurvey ask personal questions about my family and me (such as income, age) when I join?

Having this information and understanding who lives in your household allows us to select surveys that are appropriate for you. All the factors we ask about (age, gender, profession, who lives in your household, etc.) collectively figure into lifestyle, which is a major factor in determining what products and services (and related surveys) may be of interest to you and your family. For example, we send surveys about products for children (and their parents) only to members who have children in their households.

Please be assured that all the information you provide is kept confidential. For more details on how we protect your information, please visit the Privacy page.

Why do you ask for personal information?

Information on demographics, interests, and hobbies are used to enable us to match the relevant survey topic to you. For example, we will use the information to ensure that cosmetics surveys are not sent to males or that beer surveys are only sent to those who drink alcohol.

Who will have access to my personal information?

The protection of our panel members' privacy is our first priority. We use the latest technology to ensure that the personal information of our members is secure. We will never release any information about you without your permission. For more details, please review our Privacy Policy.

Who will see my responses?

Your responses will be aggregated with other panelists into a report. At no time will your identity be linked to your responses. Any opinions or information you provide as a panel member will remain confidential and secure.

How do I update or change my personal information, including my email address?

You may update or modify your personal information by logging in and selecting My Profile. We will also send you emails asking you to update your personal information periodically.

I cannot login to! I get a message of “username password not found /invalid login”. What should I do?

If you are having problems getting to the MySurvey website, it is usually due to two reasons:

1. You forgot your email or password.

2. You are not eligible to login yet.

1. If you have forgotten your email or password, please Click here and enter your registration email there and click Submit. An automatic email with your password will be sent to your registration email.

NOTE: For security reasons, we cannot access your password. Therefore, you will have to request it through this way.

2. When you complete the registration and receive our first confirmation letter, we need around 4-5 days to verify your information. Then we will send you a final confirmation letter and let you login to our website. Thank you for your patience.

What do I do if I changed my Email address?

If you have changed your email address, please go to My Account page to update it.

My Surveys

When will I receive my first survey after registration?

We will send an email invitation to you telling you that a survey is waiting for you. There is a link in the email message will take you to a log-in page. The email will detail the incentives you will receive, and when we need you to complete the survey by.

How do I participate in research surveys?

We email or SMS members when a new survey arrives that might be of interest to them. For internet surveys, the email invitation will contain a link to the website containing the questionnaire which you can simply click on, or paste into your web browser. The questionnaire can be completed at a time convenient to you.

I am taking a survey and am caught in a loop? OR The survey site is really slow; it is taking a long time for pages to load? Is there a problem?

Both slow survey response time and survey loops are usually due to traffic-related issues (many people taking the survey at the same time), rather than a problem with the survey itself? Slow page loads may also be due to graphics which take longer time to load especially if you are using a modem to connect to the internet.

When I log in I am returned to the home page and cannot access any of the personalised sections of the website - how do I fix this?

If you are brought back to the main page when trying to log in, you may need to open a new internet browser and copy/paste the link into the address bar or access the site directly by entering into the address bar of your web browser.

You invited me to complete a survey, but clicking on the link in the invitation email did not work. How can I access the survey?

If you are having problems with the link in the invitation email, there are two possible solutions:

a) Select the email link which is found in the email, then copy it and paste it into the Address field of a new browser window and press the Enter key.

(b) To access the survey you will need to know your username and password - if you cannot remember them, please Click here.

Do I have to participate every time I am invited to take a survey?

No, participation is up to you. However, we encourage you to take a survey whenever you receive an invitation as the more surveys you participate in, the more MySurvey Reward Points, you will receive.

Can I re-start the survey where I left off?

Yes. Should you experience a technical difficulty, or just run out of time, you may resume the survey where you left off. Just click on the survey link in the invitation email you received, click on the "next" (>>) button, and you will be able to return to the place in the survey where you left off.

How often am I going to be asked to complete survey?

As many of our surveys are targeted to specific groups, you can increase your chances of receiving surveys by completing the "My First Survey" (which we sent you after your registration).

Will I be penalised if I do not complete a survey I am invited to participate in?

You will not be penalised if you do not complete a survey. You can complete as many or as few surveys as you want to. Your reward points increase with the amount of surveys you complete.

If I cannot participate in a survey should I let you know?

If you cannot find the time to participate in any given survey there is no problem, the choice is entirely yours and you do not need to notify us.

If I am away, can I get someone else to complete my surveys for me?

Unfortunately once you have personally registered with the MySurvey panel, only you can complete the surveys. However your family and friends aged 15 years and over are all encouraged to join the panel.

I'd like to do these surveys but I have no web access - can you post them to me or can I do them over the phone?

Unfortunately there is no other way to take part in these online surveys.

Is there any extra software I will need to install on my computer to do the surveys?

Some of our surveys require Macromedia Flash Player. It should only take 2-3 minutes to download through this link and click on the 'download Flash Player' link for free. While it is not compulsory that you download Flash Player in advance, it will save you from having to do so when you attempt a survey that requires it.

Why are some survey studies closed, even only after a few minutes of receiving the invite?

Usually, our clients want to get your valuable feedback quickly. MySurvey mails out larger volume of survey invites to achieve the target number of completion. If the target is met, the study will close. We provide some points for all members who attempt to access a survey that has already closed. We are very much appreciated for your opinions and want to reward you for your time and great effort.

Why am I being asked questions for which I have already been profiled?

Sometimes we have studies with partners who design the questionnaire. We don't give them any of your personal information so you will be asked some questions again. We are very much appreciated for your opinions again.

The survey did not allow me to return to a previous question when I press the "back" button. Is my browser broken?

No, in some surveys, we disable the "back" feature in order to protect the integrity of the data.

I have had some problems with my provider's server "timing out" before I could complete a survey. Any suggestions?

Please double-check that there are no typos in the URL you have entered in your browser. If you are certain the URL is correct, then the problem may be due to a server problem. Generally these are very temporary problems, and the survey should be up and running again soon. Please try back again in a little while.

My Rewards

What are MySurvey Reward Points and how do I earn them?

We recognize that your time is precious - we will award you valuable MySurvey Reward Points every time you complete a survey, and a range of exciting gifts and prizes to exchange them for, like shopping & gift vouchers, charitable donations and electronic merchandise. Before you start on any survey, we will tell you the number of points the particular survey will provide.

You will also receive points for becoming a member of the MySurvey panel and successfully referring new members to the panel.

MySurvey Reward Points cannot be redeemed for cash.

How do I find out how many reward points I have?

To view your total Reward point, login to My Points with your email and password, your reward points are right there.

If you wish to redeem rewards, submit your requests in My Rewards. Your selected items will be dispatched by post within 2 - 3 weeks. Panelists should allow up to 4 weeks for receipt. Please note that a minimum balance of 250 MySurvey Reward Points is required for reward redemption with the condition that at least one survey, not including the initial registration form, must be completed.

Why does it take so long to accumulate Reward points before I redeem?

The time it takes to accumulate points is directly dependent on the number of survey invites you do. This is based on client requests and not MySurvey. As a general Market Research rule, we reward our panelists depending on the length and specific requirements of the survey. So stay tuned!

How will I know how many Rewards Points are being offered?

The survey invitation you receive via email will indicate the type and value of the reward being offered for your participation in a survey activity.

Will my points expire?

Points will be expired 2 years after they are issued from your participation in any of our panel activities, for example: registration, survey participation, successful friends referral, bonus rewards and raffles entry.

If some or all of your points are in danger of expiring at the end of the month, please access My Rewards page and, if possible, redeem your points. If you do not have enough points to redeem, we would encourage you to participate in surveys available to you that month to build up your points. When you redeem your points, be assured we will redeem the oldest points first.

If you choose to unsubscribe from the panel, or your membership is terminated, any Points remaining in your account will be forfeited.

Can I donate my reward points to a charity that isn't in your list??

Sorry you can only donate your reward points to the charities in our list.

Can my reward points be transferred to another account?

Reward points CANNOT be transferred between accounts.

How can I make sure I have received Reward points for the surveys I have taken?

To view your Reward points in detail, log into our website with your email and password, chooseMy Point from "My Profile" menu, your points for each survey are listed here.

Points will be deposited in the member's account in as little as a few seconds to as much as 3 months after they are earned.

What should I do if I completed a survey and did not get my reward points for taking it?

For a small percent of our surveys, we do not credit your points until the entire survey is closed. You should see the points added to your account within 2 weeks of taking the survey.

Other times, you may not have received points due to an error/interruption in information transfer. We audit our system at least once a week to check these situations and make sure all who took a survey receive their points.

My Friends

Can I refer my friends to join MySurvey?

Provided that you are already a MySurvey member, please click on My Friends on the homepage. This will bring you to the login page. Once you login, you will see the referral page. Please fill in all the details for referring a friend (Your friend's name, Your friend's email address and your name) and submit.

When your friend receives the invitation email to join MySurvey, please make sure that they click the link in the invitation email to register. Points will be rewarded to you ONLY IF your friend's registration is deemed SUCCESSFUL. To successfully register, your friend must be a Malaysia resident aged 15 or above.

Can I redeem points for more than one voucher at a time?

Yes, you can redeem points for more than one voucher ticket at a time. But keep in mind that A minimum balance of 500 mySurvey Reward Points is required for reward redemption with the condition that at least one survey, not including the initial registration form, must be completed.

Why should I refer people to become members of MySurvey?

Referring your friends will not only provide them with a voice in selecting consumer products and services, but you will also earn 15 referral points for EACH successful referral.

What is considered a successful referral?

Successful referrals are those that successfully sign up with the panel. To successfully sign up, the referred person must join the panel, fill in the registration questionnaire, and successfully pass our member verification process.

How many friends & family can I refer?

You can refer up to 20 people but you will only be given 15 points for every successful referral. We will not be able to provide points for referrals that do not successfully sign up with MySurvey or do not meet our required terms & conditions.

I referred someone to join MySurvey but have not received my reward points for the referral. Is there a problem?

First, be sure you have allowed enough time between the time you sent your referral invitation and the time you expect to see your points for referrals.

It's always a good idea to check with your friends FIRST which email addresses they will be using for registration BEFORE making your referral. The emails you submit MUST be the same one they used for registration.

No changes are allowed after you have submitted the emails. Please double check if there is any typo or missing letters.

Apart from receiving our invitations to join MySurvey, your friends could also register DIRECTLY online through our website. But again, please remind them to use the SAME email address you submitted to us to register.

Points will be rewarded to you ONLY IF your friend's application is deemed SUCCESSFUL. To successfully sign up, your friend must be a Malaysia residents aged 15 or above.


How can I use SMS mobile alerts?

SMS is a reminder tool to remind you of a survey opportunity if you didn't get the chance to see the invitation email earlier. We may send you an SMS reminder for new survey – you will be alerted to check your mail.

We would need your permission and updated mobile phone number. Please be assured that the SMS will be used for reminder purposes ONLY, and for no other purpose.

To start,

1. Login to our website and choose "My Account" from "My Profile" menu

2. Subsequently, you will see a field for your Mobile No. and a field asking for your permission. Just fill in the appropriate and submit.

To unsubscribe our SMS reminder service,

Simply visit the same page as above and select "NO" in the SMS field.

My Membership

How do I unsubscribe from the MySurvey?

We hope that you will enjoy being a MySurvey member and will contact us if a problem occurs. However, we have made the process to unsubscribe as simple as possible. To unsubscribe, please login to our website and choose "My Account" from "My Profile" Menu, and click on "unsubscribe", you will be removed from MySurvey.

My Privacy

What is your Privacy Policy?

Please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Will my personally identifiable information ever be passed to your client?

Definitely not. We do not pass on personally identifiable information to our clients. See our Privacy Policy for more details.